Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there a minimum order value?

No, there is no minimum order value

2. Can I change my delivery location?

No, delivery location cannot be changed

3. Do you have any discounts available?

You should frequently visit our website and visit our Special Offers page. We are always coming out with new offers

4. Which cities do you deliver in?

Currently we are delivering in Delhi only but plan to launch Amritsar next. Our plans are to cover all major cities in the coming 12 months

5. Do you accept Cash on Delivery (COD)?

Yes, we accept both online payments and take Cash on Delivery upto a maximum of Rs. 2,000

6. What is the Cancellation policy?

Cancellation of any items can be done within 2 hours of placing the order.

7. What is the Return policy?

We don't take back any items once accepted by the customer.

8. Do you take up bulk order?

Yes, we deliver bulk orders. Please contact us at the numbers mentioned in the website for bulk order deliveries. Bulk order deliveries are available across cities and outside of Delhi.

9. Do you manufacture the products being sold on your website?

No, we are only providing the delivery service.

10. What is the minimum delivery time?

The minimum delivery time is 18 hours